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A comprehensive high school guidance system that puts you in a perfect position to:

– Organize your high school experience for maximal success
– Perform volunteer work and explore enrichment opportunities
– Apply for scholarships
– Apply to university and college

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GPA Tracker

Calculate and track your cumulative GPA by entering your grades for full clarity during high school. Make informed decisions by projecting the impact of a grade

Fantastic Factor

Record the characteristics that make you unique and give you a competitive edge. Fulfill each recommended category for maximal impact

Apply to Colleges

Use our shortcuts to the resources needed to apply for university in your senior year of high school


Volunteer Opportunities

Explore opportunities to volunteer, develop skills, search and apply for scholarships all over the world

Plan Your Future & Stay Ahead

Teen U N Me makes it easy to narrow down appropriate choices, widen opportunities and avoid unnecessary time searching online

Exclusive Resources

Content is exclusive for Teen U N Me subscribers and is updated and validated by experts

Expert Advisors

We have experts with US educational backgrounds for constant support of Teen U N Me subscribers


The Teen UN Me Highschool Slay course was really great! I want to be a doctor and the course helped me to organise my strategy to get there. I am already using the tools on the website. Thank you.


10th Grade

I thought Teen UN Me’s course was a very inspirational and encouraging guide. It helped me think more about my future and how I’m going to accomplish my hopes and dreams. I would strongly recommend Teen UN Me to those who feel that they need guidance and an amazing path through school.


9th Grade

Teen UN Me was a great opportunity for me to learn about what is to come when I am applying for colleges, scholarships, and how to form relationships with people. I would recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with how to make themselves sound appealing to others who could have an impact on their future.


11th Grade


Teen UN Me was founded by two physicians, Dr. Nada Khogali and Dr. Monique McCray, who recognized the need to level the education information playing field. The teenage years are that critical time when an individual is projected to become a future.

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We offer two unique systems that will help you to get into your university of choice. The first is our Fantastic Factor which is designed to help you record all of your experiences in preparation for your university applications. The second is our GPA Tracker which helps you to visualize the grades you will need to target in order to attend the university of your choice.


Opportunities are ready for you to make the most of your time prior to university.





Links to websites for the preparation and eventual success of standardized testing - SAT/ACT

ACT/SAT Preparation

Find links for college applications- Apply to colleges now.

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